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Clerks Corner

Hi, welcome to the Clerks Corner! My name is Bobi Best and I was appointed as the city clerk on July 2, 2001 and became the court clerk on October 15, 2003. I moved to Scranton in 1972 and still reside here.
The vision for the “clerks corner” of this site is to produce a user friendly, informational page(s) for the citizens and customers of Scranton. It is my desire to be able to provide the public with useful information as quickly as possible. 

We look forward to serving you on the web!

Business with this Office:

Apply for a Building Permit
Apply for Zoning Variance
Apply for a Merchant/Solicitor License
Purchase Contractors License
Get Voter Registration Card
Request to be Placed on an Agenda

Any Business Regarding Utility Services
Payments, Report Outages, Concerns

Code Explanation

(Information found on the back of your utility statement)

EL – Electric SW – Sewer
EC – Energy Cost TR – Trash
WA – Water MC – Miscellaneous
WP – Water Plan Fee DP – Deposit Refund
* – Estimated Reading

Late Charges
There will be a 5% late charge assessed to any unpaid balance after 5:00 pm on the 15th of the month. Account balances are due, paid in full, by the 21st of the month to avoid interruption of services.

View the City Code below.

Table of Contents
Chapter I. Administration Chapter II. Animal Control & Regulation
 Chapter III. Beverages Chapter IV. Buildings
Chapter V. Business Regulations Chapter VI. Elections
Chapter VII. Fire Chapter VIII. Health and Welfare
Chapter IX. Municipal Court Chapter X. Police
Chapter XI. Public Offenses Chapter XII. Public Property
Chapter XIII. Streets and Sidewalks Chapter XIV. Traffic
Chapter XV. Utilities Chapter XVI. Zoning and Planning
Table of Special Ordinances Parallel References

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