Fire Department

In Case of an emergency call 911

The Scranton Fire Department is a fully volunteer fire department. We meet on the first and third Sunday at 6:00 p.m. at the fire station (228 S Brownie Blvd).

We currently have 14 members, 4 of which are certified E.M.T.-1. Anyone who wishes to join needs to come to a fire meeting for more information.

Some of the things we do for the city are fire calls, medical calls, vehicle accidents, storm spotting, storm evacuation, storm clean up, search & rescue, and hazardous materials incident.

If any one in your family has special needs and will be in need of assistance during a storm or in an evacuation and/or has a need for medical oxygen during power outages or emergency please let the City Clerks office know so we can provided the necessary assistance in an emergency situation.



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